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Cream makes your face so shiny! Recommended cream latest information

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For the Eterna generation, who used to be concerned about the shine of their skin, but recently no longer need oil blotting paper, the amount of sebum on their skin is actually decreasing. Moisture is reduced and the natural luster of the skin is disappearing. Therefore, I would like to utilize the cream that is indispensable for “glossing” the skin. If you use the cream well, it will make a difference in the texture of the skin, the firmness, and the beauty of the appearance!

Why cream is essential for a shortcut to beautiful skin

● Effects and roles of cream

Excessive sebum secretion causes skin problems such as acne and open pores. On the other hand, moderate sebum is a “natural oil” that is indispensable for keeping the skin soft and lustrous. It is around the 40s, which is the Eterna generation, that the oil content of the skin, which is this “natural oil”, decreases. Many people may say, “By the way, I no longer use blotter paper!” Cream oil is an alternative to “natural oil” for the Eterna generation, whose sebum begins to decline. For example, if you apply oil to a dry leather bag, you can add oil to your skin to give it a smooth luster, just as the surface will regain its luster. In skin care, creams have the effect of supplementing the necessary oils and making the skin shine.

● Timing and usage of cream

After washing your face, the general order of care is lotion-essence-milky lotion-cream. Cream is more oily than other items and has a rich texture, so it’s a good idea to use it at the end of care.
Then, the main difference between milky lotion and cream is the balance of water and oil. If you want to partially dry after using the emulsion, apply a moisturizing cream on that part. Also, if you feel that the moisturizing effect is not enough with the milky lotion, use cream instead of the milky lotion. It is wise to use both milky lotion and cream, or use each one properly, depending on the season and skin condition.

Everyone with beautiful skin is doing it! Tips for facial massage with cream

● Massage using cream that can be easily done

For those who say, “I hear that massage is good for creating beautiful skin, but I don’t have time and I don’t know what to do …”, I recommend a simple massage that you can apply with your fingertips while gently rolling. It seems that you can do it every day if you don’t just apply the cream unconsciously, but if you want to apply the cream while massaging it.

● What kind of cream should I use for massage?

Of course, if you want to take full-scale care, it is best to use a massage cream. The massage cream is particular about the texture in consideration of finger slippage, so you can take care of it without straining your skin. On the other hand, if you want to massage more easily, use a little more moisturizing cream than usual to replace the massage cream. From time to time, you will be asked “Can I massage with a cleansing cream?”, But it is safe to avoid leaving the cleansing cream mixed with dirt on your skin for a long time. Use cleansing cream only as a makeup remover.

● Face massage methods and tips using cream

When you pick up the cream, gently loosen it with your palm and warm it before using it.
Place the cream on the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin in that order, and use the pad of the middle finger and ring finger to gently stretch in a circular motion. If your fingers are not slippery, add cream.

  1. Massage from the area between the forehead to the hairline in a circular motion, and finally lightly press the temples.
  2. Gently pull up the cheek faeline from the chin in a circular motion.
  3. Massage from the inside of the cheeks, gently pulling outwards toward the top of the lick.
  4. Gently massage from the tip of the nose to the nose with your fingertips.
  5. Massage the mouth so that it rises from the center of the lower lip and flows from under the nose of the upper lip along the cheekbones.
  6. Stretch your eyes with your ring finger from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner of your eye. Next, from the inside of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow, go under the eye and go around to the inside of the eye. At the end, lightly press the temple.

By applying the cream as if massaging the face with your fingertips, blood circulation is promoted, giving a bright and lustrous skin impression. Furthermore, if massage improves blood circulation in the skin, metabolism will increase, which will help prevent swelling. After the massage, your face will be firm and refreshing!

● Precautions when massaging

The important thing when massaging is how the cream slips. If the amount of cream is small, friction will occur and it will be irritating to the skin. Also, avoid excessive massage as it can cause wrinkles and sagging, so avoid rubbing or rubbing hard during the massage. The massage is complete when the cream is applied to the skin. If you apply too much cream because you are worried about rubbing, it may cause rough skin, acne and shine in adults, so wipe off any excess cream left on your skin with a tissue.

Face cream can also be used for such things and is convenient!

● For sledding

A shaving cream is a must if you want to shave your face. If you shave without applying anything, you will hurt your skin. Be aware that scratches on the dead skin cells can cause rough skin, dryness, and pigmentation. If you don’t have a shaving cream, use a facial cream instead. It is two birds with one stone for moisturizing the skin.

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Warm your skin with a hot towel before shaving to soften it to reduce the strain on your skin. After shaving, lightly apply a cold towel to reduce skin irritation. Please keep in mind skin-friendly moisturizing care such as lotion, milky lotion, and cream.


● Body care

Of course, facial cream is also excellent as a moisturizing care for the body. Feel the moisturizing effect by extending it to the neck and décolletage where wrinkles are a concern, and the arms and elbows that tend to be dry.

● Use over makeup to make your skin shiny

Basically, cream is used before make-up, but if you take a small amount of cream on your fingertips or a cotton swab and lightly apply it from the top of the cheekbones, which is the highlight part, to the temples, it will make your skin glossy. be connected. However, if you use it after powder foundation, the powder will get twisted and it will cause makeup to come off, so it is important to lightly layer face powder on the finish. It is also recommended for moisturizing care and glossy skin for redressing.

If you have this kind of skin condition, this cream will help you!

● How to choose a cream that suits your skin problems

Cream is one of the all-purpose items that contains a lot of skin-beautifying ingredients. Choose a cream that suits your skin problems and aim for the skin you want to be!

[For dryness such as dryness, peeling, and dusting]

A cream that moisturizes the skin is recommended. Apply a cream containing hyaluronic acid, ceramide, amino acids, squalane, coenzyme Q10, etc. to the dry areas.

[I want to tighten the sluggishness of the face line]

For skin that requires youthfulness, cream containing collagen, elastin, astaxanthin, etc. is recommended. Don’t forget to do a face massage with a cream that is conscious of the face line.

[I’m worried about the corners of the eyes and mouth]

We recommend creams that contain antioxidants such as retinol, which is a type of vitamin A, polyphenols, and astaxanthin. Sunscreen is essential as UV rays can increase wrinkles.

[For spots that have spread or have become noticeable]

Creams containing ingredients such as vitamin C derivatives, kojic acid, tranexamic acid, arbutin, and egra acid are recommended. Don’t forget to use sunscreen that protects against UV rays during the day. If UV rays cause irritation, moisturize and then apply a cosmetologically toning cream.

● How to choose a cream that is not sticky in summer or hot weather

Even if you say cream, it has different usability and texture. Even if you have been moisturizing with a heavy cream during the dry winter months, you may want to choose a lighter cream during the hot summer months. If you change the texture of the cream to a gel-like feel, the sticky feeling will be eliminated and you can use it comfortably.


Cream is an indispensable item for improving the glossiness of the skin. Choose the best product for your skin problems, comfort, and seasonal changes. Instead of just applying cream, lightly massage it to bring it closer to your ideal skin.

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