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Don’t worry about dryness anymore! Let’s achieve thorough moisturizing with cream!

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Dryness is always a problem for the Eterna generation, such as “the skin is dry and the makeup does not adhere well”, “the crepe wrinkles around the eyes are worrisome”, and “the skin becomes powdery and peels off”. This time, we will teach you thorough moisturizing care of cream that you can say goodbye from drying.

Learn about the relationship between cream and moisturizer!

● Need for moisturizing

If you can keep your skin moisturized in the first place, it will not dry out. The main moisturizing substances that protect the water in the stratum corneum are “sebum membrane, natural moisturizing factor (NMF), and intercorneocyte qualities”. The well-balanced functioning of these three keeps the skin moisturized at all times. However, when the moisturizing substance weakens due to various factors, the stratum corneum cannot keep water and becomes dry. Therefore, what is needed is moisturizing care with cosmetics.

● Types and roles of cream

Among skin care products, a cream with excellent moisturizing function. Normally, creams with a higher oil content than water work like a skin oil film that “prevents evaporation of water”. For example, cream is an indispensable item for improving the smoothness and shine of the skin, so that when you apply high-quality oil to leather products, the surface will shine.
Recently, in addition to the moisturizing purpose of supplementing oil to the skin, the number of highly functional creams for various beauty effects such as youthfulness and whitening care is increasing. There are a wide variety of comforts and purposes, such as adjusting the blending balance of ingredients according to the time of use such as morning and night, and making a difference in texture depending on the season, such as spring / summer / autumn / winter.

What is a cream that moisturizes both the face and body?

● Thorough analysis of recommended creams by skin condition & site

People tend to think of cream for the face, but there are various types such as for the eyes, body, heels, hands / nails, and hair. Since the size of the sebaceous glands and the thickness of the keratin differ between the face and body, we will explain what kind of cream should be selected according to the condition of the skin and the part of the body.

Face edition)

[For skin that wants a smooth luster and is easy to dry]

We recommend creams containing ceramide, hyaluronic acid, natural moisturizing factor (NMF), amino acids, coenzyme Q10, etc., which have high moisturizing effects.

[For skin suffering from partial dryness and wrinkles]

In addition to the moisturizing effect, apply a moisturizing cream or highly functional cream that gives a firm and elastic feeling to the areas of concern for dryness. We recommend a cream that contains collagen, astaxanthin, retinol, etc. to improve the beauty condition. Rusheri Lift Glow Cream , which adheres to the face line to tighten it tightly and gives it a bouncy elasticity and luster, will also take care of dry eyes and mouth.

[For skin that is worried about dullness and age spots]

Try using creams that contain vitamin C derivatives, tranexamic acid, kojic acid, arbutin, and more. Don’t forget the sunscreen that protects against UV rays during the day.

Body edition)

[For body dryness]

The body has fewer sebaceous glands than the face, so choose a body cream that has less oil than a face cream. In addition, the amount of sebum secreted differs depending on the part of the body, so change the type and amount of cream for each part to keep a comfortable moisturizing feeling.

◎ The chest and back are areas with a relatively large amount of sebum. Light cream or milky lotion type body cream will be easy to use.

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◎ Since the limbs have few sebaceous glands, it may be dry and powdery depending on the season. Apply a body cream that contains a moderate amount of oil. Carefully apply the elbows and thighs.

◎ The heel is a part where there are few sebaceous glands and the keratin tends to thicken. I think there are many Eterna generations who are suffering from rough heels. After bathing, soften the dead skin cells and apply urea-containing cream firmly for moisturizing care.

◎ For hands and nails, we recommend using a special cream. In particular, the hands may be cracked or cracked due to water work. If your hands are very rough, choose a medicated hand cream. To prevent dry hands, choose a hand cream that contains vegetable oils such as shea butter and jojoba oil, and moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide and hyaluronic acid. Your nails will also dry, so you need to take good care of them. You can keep your beautiful fingertips with Hand & Nail Cream.

◎ Like the skin and body, the hair is also a part that suffers from dryness. In particular, many people will find that the tips of their hair are dry and difficult to style. Apply the moisturizing hair cream to both hands and then apply it to the dry areas. If your hair feels heavy with cream, choose a milk type or spray type. If you use it in a slightly damp condition rather than letting it blend in with dry hair, it will improve the condition of your hair.

● Gentle cream that can be used for babies

If you have sensitive skin, you should choose a cream that is as mild as possible. Many of the gentle creams that can be used by babies are hypoallergenic types that can be safely used by people with sensitive skin, and contain moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide and squalane, as well as carefully selected natural vitamins and botanical ingredients such as jojoba oil. There are also some. There are creams that are particular about the ingredients, such as additive-free, so find the one that suits your skin. When applying the cream, the trick is to warm it up a little with a clean palm and then apply it so that it slides gently. If you experience any symptoms such as itching or redness after use, stop using it immediately and consult a specialist. Also, follow the expert’s instructions for moisturizing care for newborns.

How should I use moisturizing cream in such cases?

● We will tell you how to use cream well, tips and precautions.

[For dry and sensitive skin]

It seems that the number of people whose skin condition suddenly deteriorates due to sudden changes in the living environment or excessive stress has increased in recent years. If you experience dryness and itching, see a dermatologist as soon as possible. If you have extremely dry or sensitive skin, focus on care to prevent evaporation of water with a mild cream that does not stain or irritate. If your skin is weak, try to keep it as simple as possible.

[For skin after sunburn]

Tanned and reddish skin is sensitive to even the slightest stimuli. First of all, give top priority to suppressing inflammation, and thoroughly perform moisturizing care to prevent dryness. Moisturize more than usual with a mild lotion containing ingredients that condition the skin such as glycyrrhizic acid, and apply a cream containing moisturizing ingredients such as amino acids and ceramide to the entire face while observing the condition of the skin. prize. When the skin becomes dry, apply more lotion and cream for intensive moisturizing care. After sunburn, don’t forget the steps of conditioning your skin → moisturizing to prevent dryness → whitening care to prevent age spots. If the inflammation doesn’t go away, see a dermatologist immediately.

[Care after hair removal]

It is recommended that you take a warm bath after taking a bath when you want to remove hair. After treatment, cool down with a cold towel to reduce skin irritation caused by hair loss. After a while, apply a small amount of skin-friendly body cream to moisturize. Self-treatment of hair loss leads to damage to the skin, so it is safe to refrain from doing so before menstruation or when you have a cold.

[From the top of makeup]

Cream is an indispensable item for creating a glossy skin. When redressing, apply a small amount of cream over your makeup to your fingertips and lightly apply it from the high part of your cheekbones to your temples. If you lightly press it with powder from above, it will give your skin a smooth luster. Also as a moisturizing care to prevent dryness.

[Tips for using without stickiness in the summer]

I hear people say that they don’t want to use cream because they are sticky in hot weather and their makeup is easily broken. However, moisturizing care with cream is essential to prevent drying by the air conditioner. Therefore, I will teach you a little trick to suppress the stickiness of cream.
After applying the cream to your skin, wrap it around your face with both hands to finish it, and if it remains sticky, lightly press it with a tissue. If the cream is well-adapted to the skin, it will eliminate makeup loss and stickiness.


Cream is an excellent item that is indispensable for moisturizing care, which is the basis of creating beautiful skin. Find the cream that suits you and give careful care.

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