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Aim for moisturized skin! Let’s add a pack to your daily skin care!

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A facial mask is a beauty item that quickly moisturizes every corner of the skin and helps to relax. This time, I will show you how to use the pack effectively.

The pack is effective at such times! Use packs to improve skin problems

① Promote improvement of blood flow and approach “dullness”

Dull skin is caused by poor blood circulation. A warm and carbonated mask is recommended. For dullness, we also recommend a hot / cold pack that improves blood flow. Wet two towels with water, one in the freezer and the other in the microwave for 1 minute. Place the warm and cold towels on your face alternately for 1 minute each. Please note that the temperature of a warm towel is moderate. After that, give a face massage and add plenty of lotion. It is effective for skin whose elasticity has decreased.

② Soothing sunburned skin

If you are out for a long time, leisure, or sports and have been exposed to a lot of UV rays, take care of your skin with a whitening pack. It is also important to moisturize with a facial mask, as sunburned skin will run out of water and dry out.

③ Clean pore dirt

It is recommended to remove the dirt stuck in the pores with a peel-off type pack.

Types of packs and how to choose

(1) Moisturize and supplement beauty ingredients

・ Cotton pack: Soak cosmetics in cotton and put it on the skin
・ Sheet mask: You can choose according to your worrisome symptoms such as moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, etc.
・ Cream pack: Convenient for dry season as it can supplement oil

(2) Remove waste products and dead skin cells

・ Wipe type: Cream or gel, apply to face and then wipe or rinse off
. ・ Clay pack: Clay = mud. Removes dirt and keratin from pores with high adsorption power
・ Carbonated pack: By spreading on the skin while massaging, it has a blood circulation promoting effect and can be expected to have a moisturizing effect.

When packing, it is important to choose according to your skin problems and know how to use it properly.
For example, if you say, “Because the stains are getting darker, do a whitening pack”, it is effective to deliver the whitening active ingredient to the skin with the whitening pack, but in addition, take measures against the stains every day.
Ultraviolet rays, hormonal balance, stress, pigmentation, etc. are intricately intertwined in the causes of dark spots. In addition to providing whitening care with skin care, I also want to review my entire life, including sleeping, eating, and bathing.

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If you say, “I’m worried about the pores, so pack the pores to tighten them,” be careful not to overdo it and make the pores stand out or peel off the dead skin cells around the pores.

If you have a sunburn or rough skin, you can just put it on your skin with a sheet mask, so it will not give you any extra irritation. If your skin is delicate due to dryness or UV rays, use a sheet mask to moisturize and soothe your skin.

Please tell me the procedure and frequency when packing with skin care!

The timing of the pack depends on the type of mask, such as a sheet mask that contains beauty ingredients, a clay pack that sheds dead skin cells and waste products, and a pack that contains water.
For example, a pack with cosmetological ingredients does not need to be done every day. This is because the amount of ingredients that penetrate the skin is limited. Cotton packs have a higher moisturizing effect than applying lotion by hand, and make your complexion brighter, so you can use it every day. Sheet masks should be used in the morning if they have a moisturizing effect, and before going to bed if they contain nutrients.

Recommended frequency

・ Cotton pack: OK every day
・ Sheet mask: Recommended once or twice a week
・ Cream pack: When you are worried about dryness
・ Special pack: Once or twice a month etc.
・ Clay pack: Dullness and darkening are worrisome Time

It is also effective to use a moisturizing pack before make-up in the morning (immediately after face wash, before make-up, etc.) and a pack containing nutritional ingredients when cleaning at night (immediately after face wash, after lotion, etc.). ..

Tips for using the pack well to enhance the skin care effect

Did you understand that it is necessary to use different packs according to the situation and skin type? Let’s solve skin problems by incorporating a pack into daily care.

Here, I would like to recommend a method of diligently packing with an easily available sheet mask to increase the water retention of the skin. Since it seals the skin, the penetration of beauty ingredients is improved! Those who feel lack of water should use it instead of serum. Be careful not to leave it on. Moisture that has penetrated the skin will return to the mask, so keep the usage time strictly. I don’t want to fall asleep as it is. Ideally, it should be taken during regular skin care rather than completing the skin care with a pack alone. Pack it frequently and supplement with milky lotion / cream. 

On the other hand, if you are concerned about dryness, we recommend a cream-type mask. The occlusive effect of the cream allows oil to permeate, increasing the moisturizing power of the skin with less sebum secretion. The type that does not wash off is easy because you can sleep with it applied.


The pack is one of the skin care products that can be easily incorporated. The biggest merit is not to miss the moisture that adheres to the entire skin. It also makes dry and stiff skin plump. I think there are many people who are attracted to the copy, such as “Beauty essence ○ contains the ingredients for this bottle”. It’s amazing because it contains that much moisturizing ingredient in one sheet. It delivers moisturizing ingredients to the depths of the stratum corneum.

Isn’t it a good idea to spend time packing on your skin? Daily care is a repetition of the same thing, so it tends to be monotonous, but sometimes you should check if the current care has reached your skin or if there is something missing. Let’s aim for a radiant and glossy skin by adding a relaxing pack to your basic daily skin care!

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