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[By age group] Introducing recommended skin care methods!

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Do you always repeat the same skin care? In fact, that’s not enough skin care. At that time, you need the skin care that suits you best. This time, I will tell you how to care and how to choose cosmetics.

What is the role and purpose of skin care?

The main purpose of skin care is “cleaning the skin”, “anti-drying” and “preventing UV rays”. With skin care, our skin can exert its innate power. The power of the skin is called “bare skin power”, and it has the power to regenerate the skin (turnover) and the power to protect the moisture of the skin (barrier function). For beautiful skin, it is important to maintain “bare skin strength”, continue daily, and take care according to changes in the skin.

The key to effective skin care is to keep the order right. Let’s repeat the simple care of “washing, supplementing, and protecting” every day. For basic skin care, use “toner”, “essence”, “milky lotion / cream”, and “UV care cosmetics (daytime only)”. The point is to apply in the order of water and oil.

Basics of skin care methods & how to use skin care items

Here, we will introduce how to use basic items used in skin care and how to wash your face.

・ Face wash

The skin that I spent the day on is dirty. Oily cosmetics and excess sebum require a cleanser, but dust and sweat can be removed with water, so it’s okay to wash your face in the morning with lukewarm water when it’s dry. Of course, hot water on the skin is strictly prohibited. Hot water of about 30 degrees that feels a little cold is the best. If you feel dry after washing your face and moisturizing it, we recommend using “for dry skin” and “for sensitive skin”.

・ Toner

Toner, which is the base of skin care. It softens the stratum corneum and rehydrates it. As soon as the stratum corneum is ready, the texture becomes finer, which also has the effect of making the skin look clean. If you feel “comfortable” when you apply the lotion, it is proof that your skin is in good condition. Also, Japanese people have a thin skin and a low ability to retain water, so check the moisturizing ingredients of the lotion.

・ Essence

It spreads and nourishes the skin, and you can expect a slow effect by continuing to use it. An indispensable item for people in their 30s who work directly on skin problems. Some people may use an expensive serum in a smaller amount than the appropriate amount, but this will make it less effective. Also, don’t end your skin care with serums, as they have less skin-protecting ingredients than emulsions and creams.

・ Milky lotion, cream

Milky lotion or cream that traps the moisture of the skin. It keeps the skin healthy and normal, and supplements the skin’s moisture and oil, which declines year by year. A barrier function that can withstand external factors such as climate with large temperature differences and air pollution is also essential for modern people. There are many types depending on the application, and the texture (feeling of use) is also various. In fact, it is a versatile item that can also be used for cleansing and massage.

Here are some recommendations on how to choose skin care items!

We will introduce how to choose according to your worries and skin type.

[By worry]

・ Rough skin

For the problems of sensitive skin and rough skin, it is important to take care as simple as possible and not to irritate. For cleansing, use a cream type or emulsified gel type that is less irritating. Oils, liquids and milk-type cleansing agents are very detergency and can be quite irritating. Also, omit the lotion and reduce the items used as much as possible.


It is important to identify “clogging pores,” “sagging pores,” and “open pores.” I think that many people use facial masks to remove dirt because the pores are conspicuous, but not all pores are effective. Gently turn off your face and avoid oil cleansing.

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・ There is no transparency

Dullness is what makes the skin less white and transparent. First of all, let’s take care by peeling and then take care of each type. Whitening care for “melanin gussumi” (sunburn). For “poor circulation” (sleep deprivation and poor circulation), massage after peeling. Moisturizing care is intensively performed for “shadow dullness” (drying).

[By skin type]

・ Sensitive skin

When your skin is sensitive, it is a good idea to choose cosmetics for sensitive skin. However, there are many for sensitive skin and it can be difficult to choose. In such a case, check the ingredient list. Some botanical extracts look good at first glance, but they are irritating and are not suitable for sensitive skin.

・ Mixed skin

It is important to partially change skin care. After washing your face to remove sebum, apply cosmetics containing moisturizing ingredients to the entire face, and apply milky lotion or cream only to the areas where it dries.

・ Oily skin

Oily skin has a lot of sebum and make-up is easy to break down, so avoid applying oily milky lotion or cream. Toner containing vitamin C derivatives is effective in suppressing sebum.

Carefully commentary by age! About recommended skin care

Skin aging can be delayed, depending on care, or incorrect skin care can accelerate skin aging. Generally, people in their mid-20s are said to have “skin corners”. However, in reality, skin aging begins around the age of 16 when growth stops.

・ Early teens to early 20s

You don’t have to be nervous about UV rays because your skin turns over quickly until you’re about 15 years old. From around the age of 20, there is a lot of sebum, so wash your face properly and add a moisturizing serum.

・ Late 20s

The moisture in the skin will gradually decrease. The best care is to balance oil and water.

・ 30s

Ages where skin is often irritated due to work stress and pregnancy. Life management is just as important as skin care. Take intensive care with a cream for thin skin and mouth.

・ 40s ~

Age that changes to aging skin. Take active care for spots, wrinkles, sagging, etc. and aim to increase collagen.


Skin care also has a relaxing effect, so it is ideal to take good care of it on a daily basis. If you take good care of your basic skin care items every day, it will be more and more fun to look in the mirror.

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