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You should review it soon! Introducing the correct skin care order in detail!

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It is very important to have a correct understanding of your skin and proper skin care. This is because the care that you intend to do for your skin may actually damage your skin because it is out of order. With proper understanding and care, your skin will respond and you will be able to recover from any problems before they get worse!

The basics of the basics! About the correct skin care order

For morning and night skin care, we will introduce recommended care methods based on each purpose.

● Morning-care that “protects” the skin from the stimuli received during the day

Daytime skin is subject to various stimuli such as UV rays, dryness, and air pollution. In the morning, skin care that protects the skin from them is important. Moisturize well and enhance the barrier function. Applying sunscreen properly and making it difficult for makeup to come off are also “protective” care.

・ Wash your face (
remove stains while sleeping)・ Toner (prepare with hydration and tightening effect)
・ Emulsion ・ Cream (keep moisture)
・ Sunscreen (protect skin from UV rays and dryness)

● Night edition-Care for “offensive” that traps moisture

It is nighttime to thoroughly clean the dirt during the day and take “offensive” care to recover from the damage. Perform a “double face wash” of cleansing agent and washing pigment, and select beauty essence, milky lotion, and cream according to the condition of the skin.

・ Cleansing (removes makeup and oily stains)
・ Washing face (removes water-based stains such as cleansing and sweat)
・ Toner (moisturizes and smoothes skin)
・ Essence (conditions skin)
・ Emulsion ・ Cream (Keeps moisture)

Things to be aware of in the order and method of skin care

We recommend that you do not use night items in the morning. Because there are many ingredients that should not be exposed to ultraviolet rays. For example, retinol, which is effective for anti-aging, has the property of “phototoxicity” that is absorbed into the body when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Hydroquinone, which is effective against age spots by reducing melanin pigment, is one of them. Stop using it at night or on days when you don’t go out.

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Understand the fragility of UV rays and thoroughly reapply sunscreen. Recent sunscreens are less harmful to your skin, so reapply them every 2-3 hours. Not only sunburn but also “photoaging”, “skin cancer”, “eye disease”, etc. affect not only the skin but also the whole body. There are also powder and spray types, so choose one that is easy to use.

Special item-I want to add α to daily care! Further “skin polish”

In addition to the usual skin care, take point care such as around the eyes and lips.

・ Eye care

What I want to do positively is eye care using eye cream. The eyes that greatly affect the impression are delicate parts with many worries such as bears, dullness, wrinkles and sagging. Recently, I’ve been overworking my eyes with my computer and smartphone, so take a rest and take care of your eyes. Gently apply the eye cream without rubbing or tapping. It will be easier to care if you use the belly of the ring finger. Also, since there are many acupuncture points around the eyes, it is also effective to push the inner and outer corners of the eyes to promote blood flow.

・ Lip care

Since the lips have a structure close to the mucous membrane, the turnover is very fast. Also, since there is no skin oil film, the water evaporates quickly. Cracks on the lips are caused by a lack of oil that occurs when the humidity is low. Like the skin, the lips age with age, causing wrinkles, dullness, and age spots.
The lack of hyaluronic acid in the dermis of the lips is one of the reasons why the contours of the lips seem to be getting thinner. A lip balm that moisturizes with hyaluronic acid and contains a good balance of oil to prevent aging. If it gets very rough, apply an anti-inflammatory agent such as B vitamins or a generous amount of petrolatum to enhance the barrier function. Since the turnover is quick, improvement can be expected in about a week.

・ Massage care

If you are concerned about dullness or stiffening, massage to rejuvenate your skin. It smoothes stagnant blood flow and lymphatic flow and enhances metabolism. If you don’t have a massage cream, use a slightly stiffer cream. Move your fingers smoothly around the eyes, cheeks, face line, forehead, nose, mouth and nasolabial folds while feeling comfortable.


Adhering to skin care procedures means having a good understanding of your skin. Aim for beautiful skin while improving your beauty skills.

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