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Must-see for those who are worried about pores! How to choose and use basic lotion

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There are various types of pores, such as sagging, opening, darkening, clogging, and acne scars. Therefore, the maintenance method is not straightforward. So this time, pay attention to the lotion, which is the first step after washing your face! Introducing how to choose and use lotion according to your pore problems.

How to choose a lotion that suits the role of lotion and pore problems

● What is lotion in the first place?

A lotion that gives the skin freshness and softens the skin. It is said that Japanese people like lotion more than Westerners, but you may find it comfortable to wear freshly. In fact, the main component of lotion is water. Water itself does not moisturize the skin, but the water-soluble moisturizing ingredients that are mixed together spread to the stratum corneum, resulting in a skin-beautifying effect as a lotion.

● What are the ingredients contained in the lotion?

The main ingredients contained in lotion are water-soluble skin-beautifying ingredients such as vitamin C derivatives, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, collagen, amino acids, and plant extracts. You can expect various effects such as moisturizing, tightening pores, whitening, and antioxidants.

● Recommended lotion for pore problems

There are many different problems with pores. Introducing the types of effective lotion for each pore problem.

・ Sagging pores

“Sagging pores” are often seen in cheeks and are said to be one of the early aging. As the collagen and elastin in the dermis, which keeps the skin elastic and firm, decrease with age, the pores go down and expand like drops. For the drop-shaped “sagging pores”, we recommend a lotion that specializes in aging care (care according to age). It’s a good idea to actively choose one that contains skin-beautifying ingredients such as collagen, elastin, and retinol.

・ Open pores ・ Acne scars

“Open pores” are common in people with large sebaceous glands and a reddish face. It is often seen on oily skin types, and it is easy to get acne, and if you crush it forcibly, it may leave marks and become crater-like. Also, if you overdo the pore pack or scrub, it will be a burden on the skin and it will be easier to open the pores. We recommend a vitamin C derivative-containing lotion that can be expected to suppress sebum, and an astringent type lotion that tightens the skin to smooth the texture and reduce the pores in the open areas.

・ Clogged pores ・ Blackened pores

A state in which old keratin, excess sebum, dirt, etc. are mixed to form a keratin plug and clog the pores is called “clogging pores”. It is mainly found in the T zone, and when the pores are clogged and the part is exposed to air and oxidized, the area around the pores becomes blackish and becomes “blackened pores”. You may want to try a lotion containing antioxidants and whitening ingredients, and a wipe containing AHA such as fruit acid.

This repels pore troubles! Effective use of lotion

● Correct use of lotion

In most cases, the precautionary statement for lotion will say, “Take an appropriate amount with your hands or cotton.” In that case, you can use it by hand or with cotton. However, when using a converging lotion or a wipe-off lotion, take it on cotton and then gently slide it from the center of the face to the outside, just like gently stroking the surface of the skin. The appropriate amount depends on the lotion, so be sure to check the amount before using.

・ Points when applying lotion by hand

Take an appropriate amount on the palm and apply it to the entire face with both hands. Gently press down on the eyes, mouth, and face line, which tend to dry, with the palm of your hand. The warmth of your hands will improve your familiarity with your skin. However, be careful as it may irritate your skin if you hit it with a bang or rub it.

・ Points when applying lotion with cotton

Cotton that can be applied evenly to small areas such as the nose and creases of the eyes. Take an appropriate amount of lotion on cotton and gently apply it so that it slides from the inside to the outside of the face. Rubbing strongly and excessive putting puts a strain on the skin, so it is NG.

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● Don’t forget to take care of water retention after applying lotion!

Sometimes, even though I applied lotion, my skin dries, so I have dry skin! It seems that some people think that, but that is a misunderstanding. Most of the components of lotion are composed of water. Of course, it has a moisturizing effect, but it is natural that the water will evaporate over time after it is applied, so it will dry out. In other words, when you apply lotion, you feel that the surface of your skin is wet and moisturized, but that alone is not enough for moisturizing care. After moisturizing with lotion, layer a beauty essence, milky lotion, or cream that retains the water. Essences, milky lotions, and creams that supplement the skin with oil are essential items that keep the skin moisturized and smooth.

How to use lotion that should not be done

● Explaining how to use lotion that tends to make mistakes

If you continue to use daily skin care and the wrong care method, the burden on your skin will only increase. If you notice your own misunderstanding care, let’s improve it now.
Also, it seems that many people want to have pore-less skin and eliminate pores, but forcibly pushing out the keratin plug with a nail or rubbing around the nose with a cotton swab causes pigmentation. It is absolutely NG because it causes it.

・ Excessive putting

While applying lotion, tap the skin with your hands, or put it 100 times with cotton. No matter how conspicuous the pores are, hitting the same place over and over again can cause redness and stains. No matter how much you hit it, the lotion will not penetrate deeply, so stop immediately.

・ Use expired lotion

It is best to use up the cosmetics that have been opened and used within the season. If you use cosmetics that have oxidized contents or have propagated with germs, it may cause skin irritation such as rashes and itchiness.
Even if it is unopened, if it is left in a place with high temperature and humidity, it may deteriorate faster, so be careful. If in doubt, check the color, odor, and whether the ingredients are separated before using, and apply it to an inconspicuous part other than the face for a patch test. If you feel something is wrong, stop using it immediately.

・ Forcibly use a lotion that does not suit your skin

If you continue to use a lotion that is not suitable for your skin, such as tingling, causing skin irritation, and acne, it may cause skin problems. It’s easy to think that it was because I bought it, but if I apply lotion and feel that my skin is not in good condition, I will stop it. It is possible that your skin may become temporarily sensitive due to tiredness or lack of sleep, and your usual lotion may not fit. Make a judgment while looking at the condition of your skin. If you continue to use a lotion that does not suit your skin, it will cause stress on your skin and mind, so stop using it.

・ Leave the cotton pack soaked in lotion for a long time

A cotton pack that soaks lotion in cotton and packs it on the skin is popular when the skin is moisturized. However, if the cotton pack is left on the skin for a long time, the water will evaporate and the moisture will be deprived together. Be careful not to fall asleep while wearing a cotton pack.

Solve the question of lotion!

● Is it OK to apply too much lotion? NG?

I often hear that I use a lot of lotion because I want to let a lot of lotion penetrate into my skin. However, even if you apply lotion over and over again, the amount of penetration into the stratum corneum does not increase. Use an appropriate amount of lotion. It is NG at most or at least. Please refer to the notes.

● Is it enough to wipe off the skin care in the morning?

It is NG to finish skin care with just a wipe. The purpose of the wipe-off lotion is to “wipe off” the oil remaining on the skin after washing the face and the old keratin that has not been completely removed. Moisturizing care such as lotion, serum, milky lotion, and cream that supplements the necessary water and oil is essential.

● Is it true that astringent lotion puts a strain on the skin?

“Convergent lotion” that tightens and smoothes the skin can be expected to have the effect of suppressing excessive secretion of sweat and sebum. It is said that if you soak the astringent lotion in cotton and tap it on your skin, the pores and texture will be tightened, but strong irritation will be a burden on your skin, so overdoing it is strictly prohibited.


Even if you call it a lotion, there are various types and functions such as moisturizing, whitening, astringent, and wiping. Learn how to use basic lotion and keep your pores clean.

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