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I want to keep my skin bright and clear forever … Make the spots colorless * 1 !

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Why does the skin lose its brightness and clearness with aging ?

When I go out, I use sunscreen cream, a parasol, a hat, etc. to protect against UV rays, but every time I look in the mirror, I feel that the stains are getting darker … Not many people feel that way. mosquito?
When the rhythm of skin turnover (metabolism) slows down due to aging, damage caused by UV rays tends to accumulate inside the skin.
A large amount of spots (black melanin) that should be excreted outside the skin are created and accumulated to form spots that appear on the surface of the skin.

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The true moisturizing care is to improve the water retention capacity of the skin and support the moisturizing power (ceramide amount) of the skin while creating moisture by itself.
From moisturizing care that only supplements moisture to “moisturizing improvement” moisturizing care.
Why not review your daily moisturizing care before your skin becomes dry.

Therefore, the source of the stain is made colorless * 1 .
Do not make with whitening serum! Do not increase!

In order not to increase or darken the spots, we will continue to take care to prevent the spots from being created with the whitening serum while firmly preventing UV rays.
The worries that the skin color has become dull and the stains have become darker do not appear suddenly one day. It is important to carefully perform
daily whitening * 2 care so that UV damage is not accumulated any more .

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