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To make the skin “create by yourself” instead of “giving” moisture

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The skin originally has the function of producing and maintaining water. However, as we get older, its function declines. It also reduces the amount of ceramide that keeps the skin moisturized. Moisturizing care supports the moisturizing power of the skin, which tends to decline.
If you are doing moisturizing care every day and it dries, your skin may have less ability to produce and maintain moisture.

From “intention” of moisturizing care to true moisturizing care

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It is said that about 20 to 30% of water is retained in the stratum corneum of healthy skin. When the water content is 20% or less, it becomes a condition called dry skin. In addition, as the humidity drops in winter, the water in the stratum corneum tends to evaporate, and skin problems such as tightness and dryness may continue chronically.
Therefore, what is needed is true moisturizing care.

The true moisturizing care is to improve the water retention capacity of the skin and support the moisturizing power (ceramide amount) of the skin while creating moisture by itself.
From moisturizing care that only supplements moisture to “moisturizing improvement” moisturizing care.
Why not review your daily moisturizing care before your skin becomes dry.

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