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Skin care changes the facial impression * 1 ! What are the results of capsule research?

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It is the cheek’s elasticity that affects the appearance!

As you get older, wrinkles due to stains and dryness increase and the skin color tends to become uneven, and the gloss gradually disappears. Even if you try to cover it with make-up, it may be more noticeable.
In addition, the elasticity and elasticity of the skin tends to decrease, and the cheek lines tend to loosen, giving a flat and unsharp impression. Youthfulness is lost in appearance.
Therefore, I would like to pay attention to skin care that increases skin density and gives a plump and firm luster.

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Ionized capsules * 1 approach skin density Is it true that facial features change?

Skin care cosmetics that use ionized capsules * 1 , a new technology created from 30 years of capsule research , will give a satisfactory finish to older skin.
The positively charged ionized capsules attract the negatively charged skin and penetrate into the stratum corneum * 2 . Increases skin density and leads to crisp, plump and glossy skin.
Daily skin care that moisturizes deep into the stratum corneum, smoothes the texture, and leads to plump, firm and glossy skin. Adult skin should be satisfied!

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